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Action Craft Experts

Our team lead and visionary of Action Craft Experts, Leeland Thompson, a CDA tribal member, started from humble beginnings. When he began his plumbing journey, he was making just over $7 an hour as an apprentice. He was struggling to take care of his family and saw an ad in the local newspaper, the Spokesman-Review, talking about a career in plumbing, and how a shop was hiring apprentices. Leeland responded to the ad swiftly and bugged the owner until he got an interview. Once he got an interview, he started his plumbing journey right away.

The shop he worked for was small at the time. Leeland didn’t know how to read a tape measure or read a level when he started. He got in, worked hard, and learned fast to become one of the top apprentices at the shop. He worked Saturdays to work with other journeymen at the shop to expand his learning curve.

Leeland was working with and learned from some of the top journeymen within the shop. He worked in residential housing, and as a journeyman he was the shop’s go-to for Custom houses. Leeland also got a taste of commercial projects, working out of town on several large projects for the company. The small humble shop Leeland worked for grew into one of the largest non-union shops in the U.S. and the largest on the west coast.

Growing into one of the largest non-union shops in the U.S. created a competitive atmosphere with the workers. They were always competing to be the best, and they created the industry standard in plumbing in doing so.

Leeland received his Journeyman license and continued working within residential and custom homes. His shop at the time was plumbing seven out of ten houses that were going up in Spokane.

Shortly after, Leeland got moved to the commercial side of the shop. He leads several big projects and did many apartment complexes during his time in the company’s commercial side. His first project was as foreman on the Forest Creek Apartments, a 252-unit project north Spokane near Wandermere Golf Club and highway 395

We at Action Craft Expert emodi the GRIT and professionalism of our team leader and are on our way to becoming a leader in everything plumbing. We are a full service plumbing shop from service, to residential new construction, commercial TI, and remodels.